Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grampa, Grandma and Allie

Spent the afternoon at Cheryl's today. Bonnie and I got to baby sit Allie while Cheryl and Scott went on a date with some friends to go Kayaking. While Bonnie was working Medsource, Allie went to the store with Jared and I and Allie scored a Cabbage Patch Fairy Doll. I didn't want to get it, but she talked me into it :) Its always fun to spend time with the grandbaby.
Allie liked having her hand traced on the Magna Doodle.
Allie love her new Cabbage Patch Fairy Doll.

Grandma and two babies.

Allie's CPFD.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Newest Eagle Scout

It seemed like it would never happen, but Jared received his rank of Eagle. After turning in his project write-up he was told it would be up to four months until he received his board of review but fortunately he was contacted much earlier. They said that as long as he had his paperwork turned in before he was 18 he was good to go. We were hoping to have his review completed before he was 18. We made it with a month to spare. Bonnie, Jared, Jared's Young Men's President and I drove down to a church in Chula Vista where we met the people who would be on his board. They took him into a little office while Bonnie and I stayed out in the foyer. As soon as they closed the door we sat right next to the door. If we listened closely, we could here everything that was said. They asked him questions for about 30 minutes. Jared was nervous by he gave really awesome responses. We were blown away by how much our son has changed and grown. The board was very impressed with Jared and told us what a pleasure it was to interview our son. Jared's distinction as the newest Eagle Scout would be short-lived because there was another review right after his. Afterwards, we took Jared's leader to dinner at the Barbeque Pit. It was a wonderful evening and a great relief. Now we have to plan the Court of Honor!

One Happy Camper!! ( DONE )

Christmas week 2008

OK, so I'm only a month late to post this, but I've been really busy. OK, I've been really Lazy! Anyway, on Thursday December 18 Bonnie, Jared and I drove up to Cheryl and Scott's and spent the day at Disneyland. It was packed but we still had a good time. Disney has the most amazing parades. Stacy and Lance got in at about 10.00 p.m. and surprised us. We didn't expect them until Friday. Friday was a shopping day for the girls and a movie day for the boys. That evening we went to the "Santa Clause House" in Poway. The owners of the Family Fun Centers decorate their home and let the public walk through the house. They serve hot Chocolate and give gifts to the kids. They're very generous. Saturday night was the big family Christmas party. Its always fun to watch the kids scream when there forced to sit on Santa's lap. On monday for FHE we made ginger bread houses. The teams were Cheryl and Scott, Stacy and Lance, and Jared and I. I attempted to sway the judge (Bonnie) with the letters YEM (your eternal mate) and an offering of hot sauce. It was to no avail as she chose Scott and Cheryl's creation. Christmas was a relaxing day. We opened presents in the morning then went to the church and played volleyball. That night we had a great dinner with all the family. Tuesday night we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park for the last day of the " Festival of Lights". There were light displays throughout the park but they weren't that great. We also had to wait 45 minutes to ride the tram because of mechanical difficulties. The tour at night was really lame because the lights on the side of the tram only reached out about 25 feet and when the guide pointed out a particular animal, you pretty much just had to take his word for it. Saturday, all the kids left for St. George where Scott's parents live. It was a great week!

Allie had a death grip on Cheryl when she saw Santa.

Allie did better with mom between her and Santa.
(Santa couldn't be there so his wife took over his duties)

Ella wasn't to sure about Santa either.

The Gingerbread House competition was fierce.

Even YEM and hot sauce couldn't beat the competition.

Stacy and Lance's creation complete with uhh, "waste".

Here's the winner!

Bonnie and I at the Animal Park.

Lance and Stacy being silly.

Cheryl, Scott and Allie.

I still don't know why Sponge Bob Square Pants was there.

Jared thought it was a little chilly on the tram at the Park.

The lights were OK but not really worth the trip.

Allie is just sooooooo cute!

Allie loves the carousel.
Allie just loved her Princess Cozy Coupe.

Complete with phone.

This is why there are so many phone related accidents.

New Princess slippers.

Jared's stuff.

Lance and Stacy's stuff.

Scott and Cheryl's stuff.
(Including whiny baby)