Friday, July 11, 2008

Havasupai '08

The week of July 7th I went to Havasupai Indian Reservation in the Grand Canyon with the young men in our ward. I went with the Young Women in '04 and was eager to go again. It is about an 11 mile hike in, with the toughest part right at the beginning with 1.5 miles of very steep switchbacks. The first night we had to wait several times for some in the group to catch up so we ended up sleeping on the trail. We camped in a rocky area and I probably slept about 2 minutes the whole night. The next day we went through the village, paid our money and went into the campground. We found a great spot next to the river with plenty of room for everyone. The boys couldn't wait to go play in the falls and off they went. They talked a lot of trash about how fast they hiked in so it was kind of amusing when they returned and everyone of the boys fell asleep for most of the afternoon. We had a great week in one of the prettiest places on the planet. Maybe I'll get to go again in another 4 years.
Here is the trail head at hualapai hilltop.

This is the trail after the mile and a half of switch backs.
Jared and some of the boys halfway down the switch backs.

Havasu Falls. Yes its really that beautiful.

Looking down from the top of Havasu Falls.

Jared playing at the bottom of the falls.

This is what they did after they got back from playing the first day.
A group of boys heading down to Mooney Falls.
(Zoom in on the sign)

The way down is very steep. Hang on tight.

Jared's not afraid.

That little yellow speck in the middle of the
picture is our young mens president.

Mooney Falls. All 200 feet of it.
Most of the group at Mooney.

Brother Kuhle, Bishop Martin and Brother Magoffin.

Jared and I at the bottom of mooney.

A rope swing at the bottom of Mooney.

This little guy got into Brother Magoffins backpack while
we were playing and ate his bag of nuts.
Bro. Magoffin asked why I didn't chase him off. I did eventually
but felt the picture was worth more than his nuts.

Jared posed at one of the "ugly" spots.

Out of 230 pictures this is one of about 5 that I'm in.

Farther down river we found a much larger rope swing.

While hiking down river we came across these grape vines.
They were spread out as far as you could see. The boys whined
cried about the hike but it ended up being their best day as they
found an awesome cliff to jump off of.
One of my rare appearances at Navajo Falls.

A different angle of Navajo Falls.

Of course you have to jump off the falls.

This is our version of the Sea World dolphin show.

No telling who will drop in.

Family Reunion '08

The 4th of July weekend was Bonnie's family reunion. This year the reunion was held at Carlsbad State Beach. Bonnie's friend Pat let us use her trailer for the weekend. It was so much better than "tenting it". Bonnie will never sleep in a tent again! Stacy and Lance came down from Utah and Scott, Cheryl and Allie came down from Orange County. It was great to have the whole family together. We spent a lot of time playing on the beach, but we got to do some other things as well. Thursday we spent the day at the San Diego County Fair. It was a lot of fun. The Fair is mainly about the food, but rides, games and browsing all the vendors goods is fun too. The Fair is also about a LOT of walking. Saturday we drove up to the Newport Beach Temple where Spencer and Debbie were FINALLY able to be sealed to Sammy FTAAE. All of Spencer's kids were there except for Robin. I finally got to see Arnel and Lisa's son Logan. He was cute and huggable.

At least Grandma looks like shes having fun.

The Three Amigos.

Pretty Girls.
Allie's ready for the beach
(Suntan lotion on her arm and sand everywhere else)

Lance and Stacy the cute couple.

Allie loves that boogie board.

Darin just loves kickin it on the sand

Happy Grandma & Happy Grandbaby.
Stacy and Bonnie doing what they do best.
(Looking beautiful)

Allie loves the beach

Carys love to hold beach rocks.

Jared and Mom.

Allie and Mom's leg.
Cheryl is so photogenic.

Father and Son.

Come on! Lets go down to the water.

I can't wait to get to the water.

I don' think I like the water.

The Beautiful Newport Beach Temple.

The Gangs All Here.

A Beautiful Day At The Fountain.

Here We Are.

The "Sealed Together" Clan.

.....Plus Grand Kids.

Ella, Darin, Hannah, Carys and Tara.

Melissa, Brooke, Alan and Taylor.

Cloie, and Cindy.

Grandma and Allie.

Grandpa and Logan.

Arm loads Of Grand Kids.

The Professional "Make The Babies Smile" Crew.

The Fountains.

Yes the food is great and the Blooming Onion is a classic.

And lets not forget about the Chuckwagon.

Scott and Cheryl were fond of the Gingerbread Shop.

The street tacos were awesome.

But Lance and Stacy knew what was up... the Mexican Funnel Cake.


We almost finished it!

Jared had his work cut out for him with this ginormous frozen banana.

Then there were the games.

The boys line up on the starting line.

Jared takes an early lead.

Scott brings up the rear.

Scott and Lance were thrilled to have beaten those two little girls.

Scott wipes his brow in preparation for the next competition.

Jared winds up.

And Lance takes a mighty swing.

In the end its Jared 2 Scott and Lance 0.

Thats right. You BAD!!

Intense concentration!

He's up, he shoots, he.......misses.

Lets see how fast Scott can throw.

Lets see how fast Lance can throw...........his arm out!

Stacy was very skilled at darts and won a prize.
(Just like everyone else who participated)
Even the "BIG" kids got excited about the games.

Brother and sisters.

She must work out!!

Cheryl and Allie checking out the Vendors.

Jared is forced to rest against his will.

Daddy Daughter Time.

Lance and Stacy time.

This Culligan Water display has been at the fair since me and Bonnie were kids.
(Over 10 years ago)

My girls.

I think they have a new surgery for this condition.

Ahh. Young love.

Someone turned Bonnie's wallet into the lost and found with all her credit cards
and over $700 in cash. (Yes, there are still honest people in the world).

Allie couldn't believe how big the turkeys were.

Allie was not happy about that messy yogurt!

Thus ends a long day at the Fair.