Friday, April 24, 2009

Stacy's Graduation

Well Stacy has graduated from BYU and is thrilled. We are so proud of her. Bonnie and I drove up on Wednesday and spent the weekend with Stacy and Lance. Lance's Brother and Step sister also graduated, so his family was there as well. Spencer and Debbie now live in Saratoga Springs on the other side of the lake and were able to attend the ceremonies. Two of Bonnies Aunts and her uncle also drove down from Salt Lake. The weather was good while we were there so we never needed a jacket but it snowed the week before and it snowed on saturday evening after we left. It was a great weekend.

Stacy with her degree!!!

Just before graduation began.

Jumping for joy.

Dave, Stacy, Bonnie and Brigham Young.

Lance and Stacy

The proud parents.

Spencer and Debbie.

Stacy's friend Cindy.

Rozella, Mary, Stacy and Bob.