Monday, September 29, 2008


Bonnie, Jared and I drove up to Cheryl's house and Spent the weekend with them. On Friday, we went to Disneyland with Cheryl and Allie and Jared's friend Jessica. It was a very relaxing day as we just spent the day with Allie. It was a little warm but was not crowded at all. I usually take most of the pictures so I am rarely in one. Bonnie volunteered to take pictures with me and Allie so she would know that she did have a Grandpa. Bon did a great job.
Cheryl and Allie in front of a candy corn
at the entrance to California Adventure.

Of course I had to have my shot too.

Cheryl, Allie and I with Mickey and Minnie.
( Allie wasn't too thrilled about this ).

It was a little warm so Allie and Grandma played in the water.

Don't get too close to the grasshoppers!
Allie loved the "Bugs Life" characters.

Allie and Grandma on the carousel

Allie wasn't too fond of Chipmonks.

Allie talked with Alice during the parade.

Just a few parade characters.
This rubber suit had to be HOT!

Jiminy just kickin it.

The Mad Hatter was in a rush.

These guys could jump really well on
their spring loaded stilts.

Timone was working the crowd.
Card lady.

Grumpy wasn't very happy. But then I
guess he's not supposed to be.

The mouses...Mickey and Minnie.

Bringing up the rear of the parade.

Allie and I at the castle.
Allie imitating the fish.

Entering " Toon Town".

Allie and Grandpa.

Jared and Jessica.

Jessica, Allie and Jared.