Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter '09

We had a nice Easter Sunday. Cheryl and Scott came down for the day with Allie and Kara in tow along with Scott's sister Emily. They arrived in time to go to church with us in the morning. Darin and Tara came up with with their girls; Hannah, Carys and Ella and their friend Liz. We had an awesome dinner at 4 o'clock and afterwards we had an Easter egg hunt next door at Bonnie's dad's house. The girls had a great time. Carys filled her basket the quickest as she showed no mercy to the little girls who couldn't keep up with her.
Carys plans her strategy before the start.

Allie looks over her options as well.

Allie collects her first egg of the day.

As intense as Ella was it was surprising
that she walked right past that egg.

Allie and Ella went for this egg at the
same time and Allie snatched it up just
as Ella was about to pick it up.

There was no Egg that Hannah couldn't reach.

Carys scoping out her next move.

An overflowing basket couldn't take
Carys out of the hunt.

Allie quickly learned to run for the next
egg as she was still dropping the previous
egg into her basket.

Allie's basket tipped over but she
picked her eggs up fast.

The girls were actually much happier than they appear
in this picture.

See told ya.

All the baskets were filled to overflowing.

I told Darin that cactus would bite, but he had to find
out for himself.

Yes! Kara got an Easter egg too.