Saturday, June 7, 2008

Interesting Experience !!!

Its crazy how things work out some times. This morning Jared and I took Spencer's trailer and suburban down to one of the rentals and worked for a little over 7 hours hauling away demolished concrete and some old appliances and garbage. We made one trip to the dump with all the appliances and garbage and three trips with cement. We hauled a little over 10,000 lbs!!! When we got home I was pretty beat; sore back, clogged nose and red eyes ( from the dust ). Bonnie and I were invited to a 60th birthday party tonight for a former member of our ward but I was just too exhausted to go so she went with Debbie. The Sister missionaries in out ward called about 5:45 tonight and asked if I knew anyone with a car seat as they were taking a part member couple to a baptism at 6:00 and the couple was babysitting an 18 month old and needed a car seat. I told them to come over and I would round one up. When they arrived I needed to adjust the seat to fit and I could see they were in a rush to go so as to not be late. I went back inside and a little after six, Elaine Foti called and said, "Bishop, are you going to come and conduct the baptism tonight. I said, " Oh my gosh!!!" I had totally spaced out. This was the only baptism I had ever forgotten about. I got ready as fast as I could and raced down to the stake center. When I got there Desianna, who is 8, was at the door dressed in white waiting with her father. He told me not to worry about it because they were waiting for Desi's mom to get there (the parents are divorced). Two minutes after I got there, her mom and boyfriend arrived. I shared this story with those in attendance saying that the moral of the story was, " If the sister missionaries ever tell you they are going to a baptism, ALWAYS asked who is being baptized." It was a wonderful baptism. The father was moved to tears as he did the spotlight for his daughter. His mom had flown out from Texas for the baptism and was a very nice lady.
Afterwards the primary second counselor told me that it was probably meant that I wasn't there because the mother would have missed the baptism. The Lord really loves me.