Sunday, December 2, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

Lance Stacy Jared Cheryl Scott
Bonnie Allie David
Cougar family!!!

World's youngest Cougar fan.
Future quarterback?

Or future center?

Future newlyweds :)

Future missionary.

Ok, so I'm a week late with the blog entry. Anyway, all the kids were down for thanksgiving this year. Cheryl, Scott and Allie drove down from Provo and arrived here at 8:00p.m. Monday night. We picked Stacy and Lance up at the airport on Tuesday night. They were on separate flights but they arrived only 20 minutes apart. The highlights on Wednesday included Lance and Stacy getting their marriage license, a trip to Marsha's flowershop to choose flowers for the wedding and selecting the reception menu at Admiral Kidd. Thursday morning we went to Steele Canyon Highschool and took family pictures. The football field was an amazing state-of-the art synthetic grass and looked amazing. It was awesome just to run around on it barefoot. After we took pictures the girls went home and the boys had permission to stay and play. We tried kicking some field goals. I sucked pretty bad. Lance did well and Scott put a couple 40 yard plus kicks through the uprights. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our family and Spencer's family. Friday Scott and Lance played golf with a nurse that works for Bonnies company, Bonnie and the girls went shopping for food Stacy's bridal shower and I got to stay home to clean the house and decorate. Saturday was Stacy's bridal shower at our house. There was a good turn out with about 35 people. The boys watched the BYU football game upstairs.
Sunday morning Cheryl, Scott, Allie and Lance left at 6:00 a.m. to drive home and we took Stacy to the airport in the afternoon. It was a great Thanksgiving.