Friday, October 24, 2008


Last Friday We went to the zoo with Cheryl's family for the day.
It was a beautiful day and we had a great time.
Bonnie and I at the world famous San Diego Zoo!
Allie was imitating the monkeys when something
caught her eye.

She wasn't too sure about the bronze gorilla.

She felt safe with Uncle Jared though.

A close encounter with the "Old man of the forest".

Ahhh lunch time!

Cheryl, Scott and Allie and the Elephant Bush.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Bonnie, Jared and I drove up to Cheryl's house and Spent the weekend with them. On Friday, we went to Disneyland with Cheryl and Allie and Jared's friend Jessica. It was a very relaxing day as we just spent the day with Allie. It was a little warm but was not crowded at all. I usually take most of the pictures so I am rarely in one. Bonnie volunteered to take pictures with me and Allie so she would know that she did have a Grandpa. Bon did a great job.
Cheryl and Allie in front of a candy corn
at the entrance to California Adventure.

Of course I had to have my shot too.

Cheryl, Allie and I with Mickey and Minnie.
( Allie wasn't too thrilled about this ).

It was a little warm so Allie and Grandma played in the water.

Don't get too close to the grasshoppers!
Allie loved the "Bugs Life" characters.

Allie and Grandma on the carousel

Allie wasn't too fond of Chipmonks.

Allie talked with Alice during the parade.

Just a few parade characters.
This rubber suit had to be HOT!

Jiminy just kickin it.

The Mad Hatter was in a rush.

These guys could jump really well on
their spring loaded stilts.

Timone was working the crowd.
Card lady.

Grumpy wasn't very happy. But then I
guess he's not supposed to be.

The mouses...Mickey and Minnie.

Bringing up the rear of the parade.

Allie and I at the castle.
Allie imitating the fish.

Entering " Toon Town".

Allie and Grandpa.

Jared and Jessica.

Jessica, Allie and Jared.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jareds Eagle project 2008

Well, we finally finished Jared's Eagle project! The project consisted of fabricating and installing backpack racks on the walls outside of the classrooms at Highlands Elementary School. Also, 4 portable rolling racks were built to accommodate rooms with no wall space. One of the other boys in our ward did this same project a few months ago and the school contacted his dad about finishing the rest of the classes. He told us about it and the project just kind of fell into our laps. Jared called a counselor from a list to receive approval for the project and the counselor invited him over the same day and approved it. That is practically unheard of. We had a great turnout with 26 people participating.
Jared cutting redwood 2 X 4's for the rolling racks.

The cut 2 X 4's.
I got rid of my table saw a while back so I had to
do some dado work with a skill saw. Not easy.

Assembling the rolling racks.

Drilling the pilot holes in the "Trex" boards.

This template was provided by the school and helped speed
up the drilling process. It still took many hours to drill all
the holes.

We cut the bracing from 1/2" plywood.
Screwing the braces onto the racks.

This is one of the old racks that we replaced. Notice the
pointy ends right at eye level.

This was another version that we replaced.

Here the safe hooks are being installed on the Trex boards.

Just a piece of plexiglass and two screws
for over 3 bucks apiece. Fortunately the
school paid for all the materials.
Jared and Clinton taking a completed
rack to one of the classes.

A rack ready to be installed.

Installing the rack. We had a lot of people
to help hold everything in place which made
things a much easier.

The Finished installation.

Sealing the rolling racks.
Installing the hooks on the rolling racks.

Installing the wheels on the rolling racks.

The clean up crew.

Most of the crew who participated.

The finished product in use.