Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Break In Utah

We took a trip up to Provo to visit stacy and Lance last week. We traded our camry with Anna's Aviator for the week so we could fit everyone in one vehicle. Bonnie, Jared and I drove to Aliso Viejo to pick up Cheryl and Allie Paige on the way. We stayed at David and Lynette Judd's (Cheryl's In-laws) home on the way up. They are always so kind to us. We stopped off at Cove Fort the next day. In 1867 Brigham Young called Ira Hinckley and his family to direct the building and operations of the fort to offer a place of protection and refreshment to travelers. We arrived at Stacy and Lance's a few hours later. Lance and Stacy are staying at the same appartment complex where Cheryl and Scott used to live. We went to the Provo Temple one day just to take some pictures and we ran into Thomas Lewis, a close friend of Stacy, who is at the MTC preparing for his mission. We also visited the Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center. Cheryl's friend and former room mate Bethany works there and gave us a private tour. We went back in the afternoon and Bethany, who is an awesome photographer did a photoshoot of Allie. We went to Bob and Mary Prior's (Bonnie's Aunt and Uncle) home in Immigration Canyon and visited. We of course had to go have dinner at Chuck-O-Rama. Cheryl flew home on saturday so she could be with Scott on Easter Day. On Sunday we went to Lance's parent's home in Park City for Easter dinner. Lances brothers, their wives, his cousin mandy and her husband and his step brother and sister were also there. We had a wonderful dinner and visit. Lance's parents and family are really nice. We then headed back to St George on our way home.
The Front wall of Cove Fort.

Come on in.
The courtyard.

The telegraph office.

Wood burning stove.

Jared on top of the wall.

Provo Temple.

Provo Temple fountain.

Provo Temple sign.

We asked a sister heading for the Temple to take our picture
and she said she would take the picture on the count of three.
She took the picture on the count of two and Jared wasn't ready.

Thomas Lewis... Excuse me, "Elder Lewis".

Gordon B. Hinckley Alumni and Visitors Center.

Bonnie and Dave.

Allie was posing like a pro.

Allie is so cute.

Allie just kickin it.

Allie at the Park.

Allie loved the park.

Grandma kinda likes her grand baby.

Cheryl thought it was cold.

Bath time for Allie.

Jared was a good boy so we let him play on the monkey bars.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

House Full of Kids

Well, we've been married for 25 years and our kids are all pretty much grown, but we still manage to have a house full of kids. All five of Spencer's kids had babies this past year with three of them here in town. Chloe and Cindy are staying with us and we get to watch Carys, Hannah and Ella every week. We also get to spend time with Taylor and Brook. Plus we have Debbie's boys next door, plus Jared's friends. Its nice to have a little action around the house "once in a while".

Brook seems very happy in the play pen.

But she doesn't look happy when her mom holds her.
Chloe looks very happy.
But she's really not.
Ella Puts on this act like she's happy.
But she....Oh! Maybe she is happy!!!

Carys just got back from the hair salon.

Sammy and Hannah getting ready for action.
Carys loves to pose.

Carys starts the interior tornado!

Hannah's leap of faith.

Two for the price of one.

Its a bird, its a plane....

Nah, its just Sammy doing a belly flop.

And a back flip to complete the chaos!